Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a complex coenzyme, made by our body from a sulfur amino acid, cysteine.
60 capsules

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Composition :                       4 capsules
R alpha lipoic            acid 1,200 mg

Ingredients :
R alpha lipoic acid, Vegetable capsule, Anti-caking agents: Maltodextrin, rice bran

Directions for use :
Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening with a glass of water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The use of this dietary supplement should not be a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Store cool, dry and away from light. Product not recommended for diabetics, pregnant and lactating women.

60 white vegetable size 1 capsules
Quality alpha lipoic acid ++

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Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a complex coenzyme, made by our body from a sulfur amino acid, cysteine. Considered one of the most powerful antioxidants to date, it intervenes in a preponderant way in the fight against free radicals produced mainly during cellular respiration at the level of mitochondria and in the detoxification of heavy metals in our body. It can also be used temporarily to spare vitamins C and E in case of deficiency of the latter.

Lipoic acid is supplied to the human body from foods of animal origin (red meat, liver, heart and kidneys) or vegetable (spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, peas and rice).

Its bioavailability is variable; for pure chemical forms in aqueous solution, it was estimated to be less than 40 %. It is greatly reduced in the presence of food, which makes it advisable to take the molecule outside of meals. The amount of lipoic acid found in food supplements (from 200 to 600 mg) would be about 1,000 times higher than the amount usually provided by the diet.

Its antioxidant potential has been widely highlighted and underpinned by multiple properties that are part of the classic panoply of antioxidants. In addition, a series of properties potentially interesting for human health have been described for this substance, some of which go beyond the simple potentialities of an antioxidant.

Its relative safety has resulted in lipoic acid becoming a widespread constituent of "food supplement" style preparations for which various health claims have been made.

R-Alpha Lipoic acid is a major endogenous antioxidant present in all our cells and especially in the heart of our mitochondria, where it is a key player in protecting against free radicals. Capable of neutralizing most reactive oxygen species (ROS), such as hydroxyl radical or singlet oxygen, it is in the first line for the regeneration of intracellular antioxidants: vitamin C, vitamin E, ubiquinol (Co-enzyme Q10) and Glutathione.

 In vitro, exposure of human cells to R-alpha lipoic acid leads to a 30 to 70% increase in cellular glutathione levels.
Glutathione is itself a key player in the cell's antioxidant defenses and the detoxification mechanisms of xenobiotics* to which it is subjected..

A xenobiotic is a substance present in a living organism but foreign to it: it is neither produced by the organism itself, nor by its natural diet.)

 " Alpha-lipoic acid and R-alpha-lipoic acid: what is the difference?
Alpha lipoic acid is a chiral molecule, consisting of 2 symmetrical enantiomers (such as the left hand and the right hand).
The natural and biologically active form of alpha-lipoic acid in living organisms is the R form. When we talk about alpha-lipoic acid, without further precision, we are talking about the synthetic form, consisting of a racemic mixture of the 2 enantiomers (R form, natural and S form with much lower biological activity). "
For a very long time and given the high cost, the very great difficulty of isolating the natural form of alpha-lipoic acid, only the synthetic form was available for food supplementation, but the progress of technology today allows us to make available the R form, with an efficiency / price ratio for the moment, much more interesting than the synthetic form.


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Number of capsules
60 capsules
Active principles
R alpha lipoic acid

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