Magneforce B6


Magnesium helps: to reduce fatigue, magnesium intake compensates for the deficit responsible for the state of stress.

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Composition : 1 capsule
Magnesium 300 mg or   80% of the NRV*
Vitamin B6 1.4 mg or 100% of DRVs*

Ingredients :
Magnesium oxide, vegetable capsule, pyridoxine hydrochloride,
Anti-caking agent: rice bran
*Recommended nutritional values

Box of 60 capsules

Directions for use:
Take 1 capsule daily with a glass of water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The use of this dietary supplement should not replace  a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep out of reach of children. Store cool, dry and away from light. It is recommended that pregnant and lactating women consult a health professional before any supplementation.


The synergy magnesium – vitamin B6 to maximize the benefits.

Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in more than 300 essential enzymatic reactions, it acts in close association with sodium, potassium and calcium, with which it must remain in balance in the body. 

It is provided by the diet but it is overconsumed in stressful situations. 

Studies conducted in France show that 23% of men and 18% of women receive 1/3 less magnesium than ANC (recommended dietary allowances). 

Magnesium deficiency is a major cause of fatigue.

In particular, magnesium contributes to nerve transmission and muscle relaxation after contraction, which is vital for heart function. 

It is essential for maintaining a regular heart rhythm, lipid metabolism, as well as regulating blood sugar and blood pressure. 
Magnesium plays an important role in bone metabolism and maintaining bone density.

vitamin B6 promotes the absorption of magnesium, it  contributes to the normal synthesis of cysteine and stimulates the synthesis of keratin constituting the hair.
vitamin B6 promotes the assimilation of tyrosine and phenylalanine, and is also involved in dopamine synthesis.
These joint actions will promote the cellular regeneration of the scalp and slow down possible hair loss.

A bit of history...  
Magnesium, its name comes from the Greek city of Magnesia around which were important deposits of magnesium carbonate. 
It was in 1810 that magnesium was isolated by a British chemist and in 1926 a French researcher proved, through his tests, that it was an essential mineral.

Vitamin B6 is not produced by the body but in addition, water-soluble, vitamin B6 is not stored in the body, it is evacuated in the urine. Itis therefore necessary to provide pyridoxine daily through the diet.

Indeed, it is not insignificant that pyridoxine is found in the same foods and that they are offered synergistically in many food supplements.

Indeed, several studies have been conducted on the synergistic effects of magnesium and vitamin B6.

For example :

  • daily administration of large doses of vitamin B6 has been shown to lead to an increase in erythrocyte magnesium, i.e. contained in cells.  In addition, this high dosage of pyridoxine promotes the intestinal absorption of magnesium.

Data sheet

Number of capsules
60 capsules
Active principles
magnesium oxide
pyridoxine hydrochloride
Anti-caking agents
rice bran
Capsule composition
Vegetable capsule

Specific References

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Magneforce B6