Taurine is a neurotransmitter that is involved in cardiac and muscular functions, in particular by strengthening cardiac contractility.

120 capsules

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Composition :   6 capsules

Taurine               3000 mg


Ingredients :

Taurine, Vegetable capsule, Anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate


Directions for use: Take 2 capsules at each of the three meals with a glass of water, or 6 capsules per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

The use of this dietary supplement should not be a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Keep out of reach of children. Store cool, dry and away from light.



Taurine is a sulfur amino acid derivative, naturally present in the human body, the latter, can be made from methionine or cysteine, but it is also provided by food via animal products.

It participates in the absorption of fat by the intestine and the maturation of the nervous system. It is found in quantity in the brain, retina and muscles.

Taurine acts directly on brain cells through its stimulating effect, especially on cells that control movement. .

It is the result of the degradation of cysteine and methionine. It is therefore  not an amino acid in the strict scientific sense of the term, as it does not contain a carboxyl group. More precisely, it is a so-called sulfur amino acid.

It is present in all tissues, but more particularly and with a high concentration in the electrically excitable areas, namely in the brain, retina and myocardium. Its intracellular concentration is 500 to 2000 times higher than its extracellular concentration and it intervenes in the regulation of osmotic exchanges, especially on calcium with many effects.

Taurine is involved in the synthesis of glutathione and methionine metabolism.

Magnesium stearate is an anti-caking agent incorporated into the capsules, which ensures the fluidity of the preparation.


Data sheet

Number of capsules
120 capsules
Active principles
Anti-caking agents
magnesium stearate
Capsule composition
Vegetable capsule

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