All cells in the human body use oxygen and nutrients to produce the energy they need to maintain themselves and perform their functions.

  • But where do nutrients come from?
  • Where does oxygen come from?
  • How are they transported to organs and cells?

The way the body is organized to nourish all these cells deserves a spotlight. Director: Damien Milcent; 3D images: Philippe Arbogast; 2D images: Thomas Cussonneau; Editing: Marie-Laure Morin; Voiced by: Maryse Lefebvre; Sound voice-illustration recording and mixing: Romuald Herrero; Audio Network Music©; Team and technical means: Xavier Achard, Emmanuel Bourdeau, Virginie Héricourt, Céline Razac Vilanova; Project leader: Luc Taramini; Pedagogical referent: Delphine Cuny; Production Réseau Canopé : Jean-Marie Panazol, Roland Cros, Stéphanie Laforge, Marie-Odile Dupont © Réseau Canopé - 2018