The nervous system is made up of specialized cells, called neurons. There are nearly 100 billion of them in the human brain. The main function of neurons is to transmit a nerve message. Each neuron has a cell body, containing a nucleus, like most cells in our body, many cytoplasmic receptor extensions, dendrites, true antennae, and a particular extension called axon or nerve fiber. It is at the level of this fiber that the nervous message will spread.

Director : Damien Milcent; 3D images: Philippe Arbogast; 2D images: Thomas Cussonneau ; Editing :Marie-Laure Morin; Voiced by: Maryse Lefebvre; Voice-illustration recording and mixing: Romuald Herrero; Music© Audio Network; Team and technical means: Xavier Achard, Emmanuel Bourdeau, Virginie Héricourt, Céline Razac Vilanova; Project leader: Luc Taramini; Pedagogical referent: Delphine Cuny; Réseau Canopé production: Jean-Marie Panazol, Roland Cros, Stéphanie Laforge, Marie-Odile Dupont