MUCH MORE THAN JUST A DECANTER ... This is the only decanter capable of operating as efficiently as a fixed and complex filtration system under the sink.

The J.SHMIDT 500 water filtration system is a revolutionary, active, and portable filtration system that combines the characteristics of a very high quality fixed water purifier with the mobility of a filter jug.

The filter jug combines a combination of a powerful stationary water filter and a portable tabletop water filter.

For the first time in this product segment, the use of a 0.1 μm hollow fiber membrane allows the treatment of hygienic and microbiologically perfect water. With a wide range of pollutants, pleasant water softening, as well as protection against microplastics, etc., there is a very wide range of applications.

This technological leap is made possible by the use of a small diaphragm air pump combined with a battery in the system cover. This can create the pressure needed for ultra-fine filtration (innovative APF™ (Air Pressure Flow) water supply technology)