2012lab'o France is a French company specialized in the creation of formulas and the distribution of selected high-end food supplements.

The company 2012lab'o France has made the claimed choice, to quickly occupy a market, that of bio-food supplements, as a manufacturer and distributor of products of major brands recognized by indisputable prescribers.

Our formulas are developed by a group of pharmacists, at the scientific direction of the laboratory, recognized in the fields of nutrition and biology.

We offer a very wide range of products to best meet your needs.

2012lab'o France is also the know-how of experienced scientists who collaborate with us, for the development of our range of nutritional supplements, in order to offer you products of unparalleled quality and effectiveness. To ensure the quality of our products, the traceability of their ingredients and active ingredients and for ecological reasons, all our finished products are manufactured exclusively in France.

2012lab'o France attaches particular importance to the follow-up of its customers, which is why we have put at your disposal an information service at your disposal and a follow-up of your orders, attentive and rigorous.

The presence and return of 2012lab'o France on the French food supplement market, after an absence of nearly two years, was only made possible by the perseverance and will of its founder, William Laïch at the head of the new Management.

The development was made possible thanks to a new restructuring and the provision of a new manufacturing platform of our French Laboratory located in the center of the France. The mastery of the new manufacturing cycle has been completely redesigned with the new 2012lab'o France team.

Our original food supplements incorporate the safest and most effective active ingredients known. Each formulation benefits from the fruits of a long experience acquired with an international clientele, as well as the application of the latest data in nutrition thanks to the collaboration of our laboratory development team.

The diversity and quality, controlled in France, of the products offered, makes the 2012lab'o France group one of the most serious representatives in a difficult global economic context.

All our products are guaranteed GMO-free, gluten-free, preservative-free and compliant with French and European legislation.

Vegetable capsules do not contain any trace of titanium dioxide (which allows the capsules to be colored white to avoid seeing the color of the ingredients, but is carcinogenic, therefore prohibited).

We use natural anti-caking agents: maltodextrin, rice bran

The boxes and lids of food supplements are made of natural material and Biocompostable (it takes only 6 months for the box and its lid to be completely decomposed in the earth)